After twenty years since its original website went live (April 1997), St. Mark was pleased to announce in October 2017 that a new website had gone live.  The new website is not simply an update, but a complete replacement of the old. Gone is the old technology, look and feel and inconsistent page styles. 

Taking advantage of a new provider, with their modern technology, the new website is presenting a fresh and consistent look throughout the site. In addition, the decision was made to create a simple site, then grow the site to meet St. Mark’s various ministry requirements, along with the needs of both St. Mark’s members and those in the community.

One feature that the old site did not have but the new does, is the usage of blogs as a means of presenting information, then receiving input back from the readers. As an example, this announcement is a blog as we would love to receive your feedback on the initial site and what it provides.

We would also like your feedback on what you would like the website to provide so we can consider them for future expansion.  For example, would you use online Bible studies, Bible references or other types of studies. Are there resources we can provide on the site or those that we can reference.   If you are not a St. Mark member, but simply a visitor to our site, we are also interested in what you would like to see. Please consider this opportunity to help our site grow to meet your needs.

We look forward to reading your input and having you help us grow our site. In addition to using the blog to provide input, you can also send a private email to the web administrator at

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our new site and please explore it to see what is offered. Finally, thank you for your consideration to provide us with your input.

In Christ’s Name we serve,

St. Mark’s Web Team