This coming Sunday, May 24, we wrap up our sermon series called "Planted". Over the past four weeks we have been focusing on our mission statement which reads: "Connecting People with the Vibrant Love of Jesus".

The big question we have tried to answer in this series is this: "What does our mission look like in the lives of real people?" So we have laid out a vision to answer just that. We are people who are:

Rooted in Christ
Growing Together in God's Word
Branching Out in Love to Our Community

So far we have talked about how this vision applies to each of us and our individual faith, but this Sunday we are going to take a look at how it impacts our ministry as a congregation.

The vision we have laid out gives us distinct areas to focus on - in fact, the most important areas to focus on: receiving God's gifts in worship (Rooted), being immersed in His Word (Growing), and loving our neighbors as ourselves (Branching Out). By focusing our time and energy on these areas of ministry we can continue grow as disciples of Jesus and invite others to experience the incredible love of Jesus too!

In Christ,

Pastor Nick