Mission Statement

"Connecting people with the vibrant love of Jesus!"

Vision Statement

St. Mark Lutheran Church, with its foundation firmly based in the inerrant Word of God and led by the Holy Spirit, will continue to seek God’s will for its ministry in the greater Sunnyvale community.  Our loving and compassionate church family believes God wants us to seek new opportunities to internally nurture those attending St. Mark and to externally serve those in our diverse community. Through these efforts, St. Mark will be known to the community as a church that not only speaks God’s Word, but also lives it through its actions and its love for all.

To this end, St. Mark, with God’s blessing, has as its vision for the next five years to:

  1. Review, recommend and establish an operational and spiritual foundation within which Christian faith can truly flourish at St. Mark and in the community.
  2. Establish vibrant internal ministries to meet the needs and interests of our congregation.
  3. Establish a Christian-based outreach to meet the needs and interests of our local community.
  4. Establish active connections with other Christian orginations in the local area to gain synergy for active or proposed programs.
  5. Become a more active partner in Sunnyvale's social outreach programs consistant with our Christian beliefs.