St. Mark's 2002 VBS Highlights

With the VBS theme being Godzwerkus Circus, St. Mark erected its own Big Top in the Parish Hall.
Each day under the big top, the kids started their VBS day with a skit that spoke to a daily theme, which was expanded upon in the classroom.

On Day 1, the kids were treated to an arm wrestling contest between "Golly the Strongman" (Goliath) and "David the animal keeper."

It was a no contest as Golly ran in fear at the sight of a little mouse, while David was able to help round up the animals that were loose from their cages!

Score one for the underdog since, "With God, all things are possible!"

On another occasion the kids were thrilled with the exploits of Justina, the high wire walker extraordinaire!

To prepare for the act, Justina first limbered up a bit as the Ringmaster explained what was about to happen.

With umbrella in hand, Justina completed her act! Justina learned that to gain true balance in one's life, one must allow God to direct your actions and to provide his guidance.
Another highlight was when the Ringmaster wowed the audience by making a full glass of water disappear as he spoke about Jesus being the only way to have one's sins forgiven.

In addition to an opening skit, the children were treated to a closing act by a number of St. Mark's puppet friends.

As one can see, the children were pleased to meet 'Tang our very hairy friend.

On this occasion, Clem had a chance to discussion the daily Bible lesson with John, our VBS coordinator.
So that's who was the hand behind....or was that inside...the puppets. Our very own Pastor Rod. Great job pastor!
And finally, what would a production be without the help of our able bodied stage hands!

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