Real Faith

Real or fake?

That’s the question many people have started to ask themselves every time they turn on the TV or read a piece of news. How do we know what is real and what is simply made up? How do we know which sources to turn to for real, verifiable news?

As our Easter celebration continues at St. Mark, we are entering into a new sermon series on the book of 1 John titled “Real Faith”. 1 John is all about distinguishing the real from the fake. When it comes to the Christian faith, how do we know what is genuine and what is not?

Come join us for this seven-week series and find out!
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Real Faith Schedule

April 8th - Real Gospel
April 15th - Real Confession
April 22nd - Real Satisfaction
April 29th - Real Change
May 6th - Real Love
May 13th - Real Relationships
May 20th - Real Victory