Songs! Games! Crafts! Snacks! Stories! What do all of these things have in common? At Vacation Bible School they remind us of so many of God’s promises!


This week at Splash Canyon VBS, we’re all about exploring the promises of God. So far we’ve seen that “God is With Us! Yes He is!”, just like he was with baby Moses when Moses’ mother put him in a basket and floated him down the Nile River.


Then we learned that “God Gives Us Life! Yes He does!”. God promised His people, the Israelites, new life in a new land and made it happen by parting the waters of the Jordan River so Joshua could lead them into the Promised Land.


On Wednesday, we heard the story of Naaman. God promised to bring healing to Naaman and He delivered! “God is Faithful! Yes He is!”.


Thursday was another great day of Splash Canyon! We watched as a great storm came in and tossed the ship on which Paul was sailing about. But Paul was able to share his hope in God with his shipmates. “God gives hope! Yes He does!”


Today, we are preparing for our final day of Vacation Bible School! What a week it’s been! But today, we get to hear about God’s greatest promise fulfilled: that He sent His only son to be our Savior! “Jesus is our Savior! Yes He is!”


VBS is a great time to hear about God’s promises. It’s also a great time to connect with the children and families of our community, showing them that they are KNOWN to God in Christ too!


Don’t forget to join us at 8:45am for Bible this Sunday as we continue our series KNOWN. If you didn’t get the Bible reading guide on Sunday, you can download the PDF version HERE.